Two platforms, two services

We have two web properties serving different purposes and supported by independent code bases:

A PRIMARY CARE PLATFORM: The “mothership”: this is an online primary care clinic where patients queue up for phone or video primary care consultations. A nationwide network of providers come online to the site to pick up online consultations.

The workflows developed for this application support an “urgent care clinic” operated via a call center. Patients check in by calling or connecting online and are picked up by the first available provider. A significant number of visits occur solely through phone transactions; fewer patients use the service online.

A BEHAVIORAL THERAPY PLATFORM: The other property is a behavioral therapy market place where patients come to choose therapists for a series of online video sessions. Therapists use the service to expand their practice to an online client base and provide their existing patients with an online video consultation option.  

The workflows were initially developed to support a market place for a single provider practice. All the transactions occur online.

The opportunity

Our leadership decided to consolidate our services and integrate our behavioral service to the primary care platform.

During the initial high-level discussions I explained how a primary care experience was different than a behavioral experience, and that integrating the two would require drastic workflow changes. I concluded that this project was our opportunity to transform our virtual primary care clinic into a virtual medical center. By appropriately planning this work we would eventually cater to any medical specialty.

I obtained a short window  to explore the impact of the integration on our users’ experience.

My team

We were 3 user experience designers and an associated product manager working part time on this project. We would meet at least twice a week to discuss discoveries and plan for the next segments of work. Each meeting was an opportunity to share knowledge and challenge new concepts. Alternatively we would meet with the project manager to share milestones and broadcast our work to the project team at large.