Early Designs

To support some of the ideas proposed during the ideation phase some flowcharts and wireframes were made. 

We started making user interaction flowcharts early for the purpose of illustrating some of our reflections. At the conceptual stage most for our work consist into making flowcharts that helps rationalizing what we've observed and making low fidelity wireframes to help us visualizing some key interactions. 

I find interesting at that stage to include a number of "conceptual mockups" which give a feel for the UI solutions to the problems we're attempting to solve. The objective is to illustrate some key user interactions  in a semi-realistic context.

For this project the features would be for a single-page application where functionalities are "widgetized". So I produced a few views of the application following a pseudo-mobile format.  


Please find bellow selected wireframes and mockups produced to illustrated the features proposed. 

(Patient View) Components of an appointment request

This contextual panel would provides visibility on all proposals associated to a scheduling entry

conceptual mockups