HealtHcare projects


Designing products is a journey of discovery, creativity and consensus.  This collection of articles focuses on my “design-research” work for a broad-reaching telehealth startup. 


The Myth of Unlimited Therapy

Talkspace defined a new telehealth space with its “text therapy” app. My design team was tasked with evaluating what it would take to launch a competing product, and in the process came to view messaging as an opportunity for user acquisition.

“How much do people really want video consultations?”
To answer this question, we conducted an internal study that brought about surprising discoveries about women’s perceptions of the video medium and its potential consequences for online utilization.

Classic video conferencing platforms can’t handle the complex interaction needs of a hospital environment. This article explores the nuances of the outpatient visit environment and proposes directions for scaling video visits across entire hospital groups and their systems.


Waiting is a significant part of the medical visit experience. It’s mostly regarded as an issue to be mitigated by wait-time reduction strategies, but there are more dimensions to waiting than just time. We launched a reflection on consumers’ waiting experience which yielded experience requirements we could apply to future developments.